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Church of St. Hubert the Hunter

St. Hubert's operates under the gentle auspices of the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming. For information on weekly worship, weddings, and other ceremonies, contact Vicar Dennis Johnson.

Sunday services
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
June - July - August - September

When not in use for religious services, the historic building is greatly in demand as a Community Center. It is a warm and cheerful gathering place in the midst of this remote mountain valley.
All are welcome here.

The Church was completed in 1941 and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2001. In 2011 the community celebrated the building's 70th anniversary as the center of the valley's social and historic fabric.

The building has a colorful past. The story begins on a stormy winter night in 1937 when Wyoming's Episcopal Bishop Winfred H. Ziegler found himself stranded in the valley during a blizzard. The Bishop had many adventures - including cutting and hauling logs, and being drenched in an icy river - as he sought to build a church and community center for residents of this remote valley. His project received no less than divine intervention - from the inspiration of a grieving stained-glass artist, to the timely services of a diamond broker, to the rough skills of gun-toting ranchers.

A compelling first-person account Venture of Faith was written by Mildred S. Capron, the Secretary to Bishop Ziegler, in August, 1941.

In Heart of a Community, circa 1980, long-time local resident and respected amateur historian, Eileen Dockham, describes the building's ongoing importance in our community.

Donations toward the maintenance and preservation of this historic building are gratefully accepted. Contact Vicar Dennis Johnson, or any Bondurant Community Club officer.