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Tee Shirts

Souvenir tee shirts are available wherever Bondurant Library Restoration Committee members can be found, particularly during regular Library hours, at the BBQ, Heritage Days, Barn Dance, and other BCC gatherings.

Each tee shirt cost a mere $15 donation to the Library restoration. Shirts are made available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, X Large and XX Large.

All proceeds benefit the Bondurant Library's ongoing restoration projects.

2011 - Celebrate 70

Tom Weil 2011's tee-shirts commemorate the 70th Annual Bondurant BBQ! That's a lot of tasty cows. The first BBQ was held to celebrate the completion of St. Hubert's church/community center in 1941. In 2011, the community broke endurance records with its 70th consecutive BBQ.

Wheelhouse Band The teeshirts' design resembles an Old West-style poster: "Celebrate 70, Bondurant Bar-B-Que, 1941 - 2011." The shirts are popular among locals and among the Library's friends throughout the country. For example, the Wheelhouse Band's bass player, Tom Weil, sports his Bondurant teeshirt at a gig in California. Tom declares "I was proud to wear it."

As a special feature this anniversary year, a child-sized design was created by the Bondurant school children and a tee with the kids' design was gifted to each student by the Library Committee. See the kids' handiwork in the BBQ 2011 article.

The designs were created by renowned local artist Arlene Sibley and printed on festive red tees by Tormack Custom Screen Printing.

2010 - Save Our History

Pat discusses the restoration while Margy sells tee shirts The First Annual Collectible Bondurant Commemorative Tee Shirt was unveiled at the BCC's 2010 BBQ, right.

The 2010 tee-shirts featured a beautiful pen-and-ink sketch of the Church and Library, with the legend "Bondurant Wyoming 2010 - Save Our History."

The design was created by renowned local artist Arlene Sibley and printed on sage green tees by Tormack Custom Screen Printing.

2010 tees sold out quickly, but some Small tees are still available - purchase them during regular Library hours or contact Margy Barr.


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Updated August 22, 2011

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